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The Burnout Chapter Fifteen

Lamar slowly came around and awoke, his head pounding and his joints sore.

"How long have I been out?" he thought to himself.

He found he was lying half in, half out of his sleeping bag in the back of the wagon that had passed them earlier in the day. It was then it came back to him the girl with the red hair, the medicine and some big woman giving him a drink of orange kool aid.

He sat up slowly and stared into the darkness allowing eyes to adjust. There was a half moon out and he was able to dicern that he and the wagon were in a clearing with several large trees nearby. He could make out he and Patty's tent just a few feet away and could hear the quiet sounds of someone, presumably Patty, deeply sleeping inside.

It was then he heard leaves shoffling and the sound of someone coming near, so he lay back down in the wagon and kept still.

"Wake up, piggie and take your pills." said a gruff voice.

He opened his eyes and they were immediately blinded by the light of a Coleman lantern sitting on the wagon's tail. Standing next to the lamp was the big woman who was driving the wagon team earlier in the day. She had short hair, was wearing a cowboy hat, overweight and had a six gun holstered on her belt.

"Hey," he said sleepily, "I really have to go to the bathroom, bad."

"I'm not gonna help you with that, pig. Get down and do your own business and then come back and take your pills." said the angry woman.

Lamar scooted off the edge of the wagon and carefully lowered himself on shaky legs to the ground.

"You wouldn't happen to have any toilet paper, madam? I am afraid all of mine is in my backpack." Lamar sweetly asked the woman.

"Great. Your bag is right there, sleeping beauty. Just get it and go do what you got to do. Your pills are here. Take them and drink everything in this cup, you hear me? I got to get back to more important things, pig." she griped and stomped off into the night taking the lantern with her.

Lamar felt for his bag and found a flashlight in one of the outer compartments. He turned it on and carefully examined the pills. One was anti-biotics, while the other was a pain killer and was big enough to knock out an elephant.

He pocketed the pain killer and took the antibiotic, but washed it down with a bottle of water. He tossed out the cup of kool aid figuring it was what gave him the headache.

He wrapped a handkerchief around the end of the flashlight to muffle the light and then checked the nearby tent. Patty was inside passed out in a deep sleep. Lamar noticed her Glock was out of its holster and sitting nearby. He picked it up and carefully extracted the magazine as Patty had shown him and saw it was empty. He then checked the three spare magazines and found them empty as well. Something was not right.

Lamar scooted back out of the tent with the pistol and magazines and went back to the wagon and his bag. He rooted around and found a box of nine millimeter rounds Patty had put inside and reloaded the gun and all the magazines. He then checked the shogun in the back with his bag and found it still loaded. That only left the .22, but he could check that out later, Right now, he wanted to find out where all of those people in the wagon went.

Lamar turned off the light and allowed his eyes to readjust to the darkness. He stuff the Glock in his front pocket and the spare mags in his cargo pants pockets, but separated them as to make as little noice as possible.

Walking through the long grass, he made a circular route around the wagon but did not see or hear anyone. However, he did notice a dull glow coming through the trees so he decided to check it out.

Moving slowly and as quietly as he could, he made his way through the trees and soon heard laughing and talking.

"Go piggie. Roll around in the mud like a good piggie."

Lamar got down on all fours and crawled through the underbrush towards the sounds and the light. Through the bushes he saw a bonfire and the three women standing nearby all with large flasks in their hands. The red head was wearing a long dress and had some sort of garland on her head. The other two women were dressed in their normal clothing, but both had long sticks in their hands. All were laughing.

Nearby, against a tree, were three of the young men, all tied together with their heads down and their eyes covered with black cloth blindfolds.

By the fire was the strangest sight. One of the young men, on all fours, wearing only his underwear, sitting on the ground. He rolled around in the dirt and then stopped, got in a crouch and begged ike a dog. One of the women threw him something which he then picked up off the ground and stuffed in his mouth and which caused all the women to laugh.

"By the goddess, look at him. Beg little piggie! Beg for your treats! Worship your mistress and kiss her feet!" laughed the red headed woman.

Lamar had seen enough and as soon as the women broke out into loud laughter, he quietly crawled back the way he came. There was something wrong with these women and he needed to get Patty and get away from them as quickly as possible.

He went back to the tent and tried to wake Patty, but she was out hard. There would be no moving her and their things until Patty was lucid and ready to move. Thinking carefull, Lamar came up with the workings of a plan.

He returned Patty's Glock to her holster along with the magazines and left them as he found them as to not raise suspicion. He then rummaged through her bag and found the derringer Patty captured the other night and hid it in his front pocket. Next he made sure he had extra shells for his shotgun and carefully hid it beneath his sleeping bag.

Lamar knew the women would assume he was doped up and useless and that Patty was carrying an unloaded gun. All he needed was to get five minutes alone with Patty when she woke up and they could make their escape. Now just to wait until morning.


The three women and the four young men returned about an hour later to the campsite. Lamar lay still and pretended to be sleeping. He felt a rough hand shake him and then turn away speaking to another in the darkness.

"Yeah, he's out like a light. So's Patty. Do you really think she'll come around, Peri?"

"She will. She's in so much shock I could convince her that I was Wonder Woman and we were flying home in my invisible jet. Just a few more days of drinking that concoction and she will be so mixed up she'll forget all about that brat and going home.'

"We need to keep our eyes open for a few more like her on the road and in Canton. When I see Cerci she will be delighted at our work and my plan." said the other woman's voice.

The voices dropped off and the women went and bedded down leaving Lamar to make his plans.

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  1. Yep couple Aces with loaded guns. (that they assume are unloaded) Glad they were not smart enough to just remove fireing pin.

  2. Lamar has a Pump 12 Gauge--Time to take out three Witches.

    You know, a mixture of Hallucinogens and Barbiturates/Hypnotics might have very little effect on someone who had ever been into "Better Living Through Chemistry".