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America 2.0: Chapter 14

Some military guy wearing those fatigue army clothes was holding a microphone and kneeling behind a beat up car. He was in New York City the words at the bottom of the screen said.

The military had been running the TV news since the Crash so they had all these reporter with military abbreviations like TSgt Chip Murphy reporting. It was goofy. The reporter/soldier was covering a demonstration in New York when someone blew up a bomb and shooting started.

When the camera was not on the soldier hiding behind the car, the TV news kept showing a clip over and over again of what happened earlier. There was a bunch of people listening to a fat guy with a baseball cap and glasses on yelling about the military and money when there was this big boom off to the side. The camera jerked and you saw a big explosion go off and a bunch of smoke.

The fat guy fell down, but he got back up and kind of fell off the stage away from the explosion. He then ran into the camera man and ran away I guess. Then you see all these people with blood on their faces and torn clothes standing around.

A cop comes into the screen to help this lady whose face was bleeding when all of the sudden some man hits the cop over his helmet with a sign he was carrying. Then everyone starts fighting and kicking and attacking the cops and soldiers.

The clip stops and then they went back to the soldier with the microphone which I assumed was happening like right now in New York. He's talking, but I can't hear what he's saying because the sound is gone.

They cut back to the news station and the two anchors, Captain Rhett Baker and Master Seargent Tanya Groom, both wearing blue Air Force uniforms start talking.

"Tanya, we can't seem to reach Tech Seargent Murphy in the field, but here's what we know. At an impromptu demonstration of the People's Party in New York City, some type of explosive devise was set off which resulted in numerous casualties. First responders and law enforcement were then attacked as you saw on this recent clip recorded just moments ago.

Both the military and law enforcement officers are also under fire from an unknown number of snipers in nearby buildings. Police in riot gear are releasing tear gas in the streets and attempting to restore order.

We'll have more on the events in New York after this messages from our sponsors."

Dad turned off the TV.

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