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America 2.0: Chapter Eleven

After Christmas, we moved to Bob Norman's Luxury Links. Up until then, we had been driving around parking for a day or two in trailer parks (yucky) or parking lots.

Usually, my dad had to stay up half the night watching our "home". There were too many criminals out and not enough police or soliders to watch everything. One night dad had to chase off some guys with the shotgun. We moved the motorhome that night to a truckstop until the sun came up.

Bob Norman was a semi professional golfer who went to Las Vegas a lot. He kept most of his money in cash for gambling and to avoid taxes. Dad said he heard Norman was known to carry around a few hundred thousand dollars in cash when he went to Vegas. Must be nice.

When the economy died, Norman was sitting pretty. He transferred his greenbacks to NuBux and went shopping. He bought Mira Point Country Club (he was a caddy there in high school) and turned it into a money maker.

He changed out holes ten through eightteen to "Luxury Links". Motorhome and mobile home pads right on the fairways. Sewage and water were on site and he had a huge bunch of solar panels and windmills installed for electricity. The entire golf course already had a fence and wall around it; Norman added barbwire and hired guards to work the gates.

Norman sold home sites for one, five and ten thousand NuBux. My parents were able to get an entry level site with utilities. It would have been nice to have a larger one closer to the green, but buyers had to pay up front, cash only. We only bought what we could afford.

We had access to the laundry facilities, pool and cafeteria. We had electricity, water and sewage and paid a monthly membership fee.

Some of the neighbors like to stroll the fairways and hit golfballs from time to time. They were taking advantage of their membership "perks". Dad thought there were idiots.

Norman leased the other half of the golf course to Bio-Glen Farms, an organic farm run by his daughter Haley. She sold produce to residents along with fresh eggs, milk, cheese, and other stuff. The rule was we could not keep a garden ourselves as to not intefere with the "bio-diversity" of Bio-Glen Farms. BS. They did not want the competition.