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America 2.0: Chapter Six

The President resigned. He did not even appear on television or anything. He just quit. The vice president was made the new president and came on television and said everything was going to be great. He said we needed to work together and if everyone paid their fair share, America would be fine.

That lasted about week, then someone else came on tv and said the President, who used to be the vice President, was resigning. Some other guy who worked for both of them became President. A bunch of people in Congress quit as well. The guy who ran the banks for the government was arrested and some other people like him went to jail as well.

Things got really ugly around then. I mean scary. People could not go to work and there were demonstrations and people fighting in the streets. We drove out to some people's house that dad knew who lived in a really nice neighborhood. They let us park in the driveway and hook up to their house utilities. They told the neighbors my dad was Cousin Bob.

Mom and dad did not let us go to school. Dad would take mom's car and go to his customers. Mom found a bunch of stuff online for math and English and made us do homework. It stunk.

Dad went to the store with grocery lists mom would give him. She wanted big piles of food. Cans, bags, boxes, all sorts of stuff. We ended up storing some in the trunk of my mom's car and under every seat in the motorhome. It was crazy.

Stores only took cash and credit cards were next to useless. Checks were a joke too. Dad tapped into the money he hid in the motorhome and kept the tanks full. He bought a couple of more guns and made my mom keep a shotgun ready in the motorhome when he was not home.

The nice neighborhood as like a ghost town. Half the houses were empty and the others had extra people living in them like grown up children or relatives. But everyone went about their business like everything was hunky dory. They had bar-b-ques, mowed their lawns, drank wine on their back decks and went to play golf. La-la land.

Eventually, we had to leave dad's friend's driveway cause the neighbor's complained. Said we were riff-raff. Nice place.

We were parked at the lot of the nicest mall in town one evening when a special alert came on the tv. Every station on satellite carried the same show so we watched it.

A man in a uniform was sitting at a desk. He was some sort of soldier and the words at the bottom said he was in Colorado.

Dad said that was the day "American rebooted".

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  1. The nice neighborhood was like a ghost town.