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First, thanks for visiting my blog, reading my stories and taking the time to leave words of encouragement, support and helpful comments.

As I have always said, I am going to write these stories and will produce them for the low charge of your reading entertainment only. So if you were wondering, nope, I don't get paid for doing this, just the wonderful satisfaction of producing something someone else beside myself would like to read.

Now, some other writers have tried bundling their stories and selling them as an e-book or self publishing on the Internet. I may do that some day, but for now, just don't have the interest of going down that path. I would rather spend my time weaving a story, putting it out there and listening to the reaction of readers than dealing with Lulu or Amazon.

However, I am practical. I have tried to find ways to make some revenue from this site. After all, the story's in the middle of the page and there's all that extra space around it which lends itself to practical purpose. I tried traditional Internet advertising but that didn't go so well, so I had to drop it.

I also tried advertising some useful e-reference books (over there on the left), Amazon stuff, and big advertisements for subject matter related products. I guess I am not a Don Draper or Darren Stevens as they have not resulted in big sales for my vendors. I am relieved to say that Thomas Edison and Louie Pasteur also had some failures as well before they were successful, so it's nice to have company.

Finally, I did put a Paypal donation link up there on the left and I have been sent some very nice donations by readers (thank you!).

I am realistic. With the current economy, some people simply don't have money laying around for unnecessary purchases. Further, many readers have limited entertainment dollars and use the library and the Internet for no-cost diversions. I know I do. So is there anything these readers can do to show their support? You betcha!

First up, I have links to some of my other websites. Some are blogs, others are informational sites. None of them cost anything to visit and review and no black helicopters will chase you for visiting them.

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Also, if you like the stories, email or tell your friends and ask them to visit here as well. Maybe you belong to forum which has a section on post-apocalyptic fiction. If you want to drop a link to my site, you'll get no complaint from me.

Finally, I appreciate everyone's support and kind words of encouragement. It has been fun writing these tales and I have many more to come.

Thank you,