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America 2.0: Chapter Seven

"My fellow Americans. My name is General Andrew Preston of the United States Army. At 5PM, East Coast Time, the combined military services of the United States, assumed command of all government operations within our borders.

Our domestic financial situation has deteriorated enough to make this temporary emergency action necessary to maintain the security of our nation and its people.

The previous civilian leadership has been asked to step down and the United States Congress suspended for the time being. I am happy to report that both have agreed to cooperate entirely with this request.

You are probably asking, "What does this mean?"

First, your country is still functioning. The water and electricity will remain on regardless of the ability to pay. Phone service will still work. The roads and mass transportation will be safe to use.

(The word Infrastructure appeared on the screen below General Preston)

Second, basic necessities will remain available at your local stores and markets. Food and other goods will be securely transported from their point of origin to where they will be made available in the normal manner we have all been accustomed to.

(The words Food and Necessities appeared on the screen).

Third, our society and our country will remain safe. The laws on the books along with other new temporary security measures will be enforced. The random lawlessness, rioting, looting and other destruction which has occurred lately will no longer be tolerated in any way. Members of the military have been authorized to use deadly force to end any domestic disturbances.

(The word Security appeared on the screen).

In order to centralize activity, by executive order, all law enforcement, at the city, county and state level will now be under the direct command of the United States military. All first responders and correction facilities are also under military control. Civilian leadership for other city and state functions will remain, however, there will be some reorganization during this period of crisis.

Courts will suspend activities for 30 days until new military tribunal oversight can be put in place.

The borders of the United States are now closed to incoming traffic with the exception of returning U.S. civilians and government employees. All foreign originating air and sea traffic will be rerouted through six central locations for the duration. All domestic air travel, with the exception of approved military flights, are suspended.

Three weeks ago, the United States military began a coordinated return of our military forces overseas. All returning forces will be deployed for domestic duty and border security.

A number of federal functions American citizens have grown accustomed to will be altered and others ended in the coming months. You will be kept apprised of these developments as they occur.

Martial law and curfews will not be put in place except for scattered areas where lawlessness demands strict response. Citizens have no reason to fear or avoid the military as we are here to ensure your safety.

The banks will remain closed for the next five days and will then reopen for withdrawals and other banking functions available as before.

All foreclosures of business and personal property are hereby suspended for 90 days. All collections activities on unsecured debts will be suspended for 90 days.

A new stable form of currency will go into effect next week when the banks reopen. Do not be alarmed. You cash in hand will be redeemed and balances in savings and checking accounts automatically transferred.

A new system of emergency aid is going into effect this week. If you need food or medication, these things will be available, in certain amounts, free of charge to American citizens until the new banking system is in place. Local broadcasters will provide locations in your area. Legal identification is required to receive assistance.

To all foreign citizens, both legal and illegally, in our country. The United States government will not hinder your ability to return home. Please call the toll free number at the bottom of this screen or visit the website address displayed for more information.

The border of the United States will be strictly enforced by the US military.

To our international friends. The United States is going through an long overdue period of internal assessment and transformation. We will remain the shining light of liberty and democracy. However, during this time, please understand that the needs and security of our own nation come first. Afterwards, the United States will return stronger and more responsible than before.

To those in the world who wish to do harm to this nation and its people. Be on notice. Your days are numbered. The United States military will respond, with haste, to any threat with extreme prejudice.

I ask that all Americans please put aside their differences and previous affiliations and join together now as we repair the damage to our great nation. The future will be better and brighter than before and it starts today.

Thank you and God bless you and God bless the United States of America".

"What does that mean?" I asked.

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